Our Brand Story

Authentik Kidz Swag was born out of love by us  A’lani & Jaiceon for the positive happy vibe of having kids like us wear fun, trendy, and classic clothes alongside a high-end aesthetic and curiosity that “Why aren’t there better clothing brands for kids?”

Our mother made us a custom t-shirt but we wanted it to be our design so we asked her if we could have our own design that belongs solely to us and that people would support and purchase our creativity by wearing our unique design. So, in April 2020 she had a friend of hers custom draw us our very own and first design of a bear logo that had a lot of details we loved, stood out, and was different from a regular bear.

Authentik Kidz Swag was established in April 2020 as we were gifted our own clothing brand for us to have our own original designs instead of wanting to be like others. 

We have been working hard on our little dream of developing into the perfect kids brand and desire to all the more likely support kids like us to be themselves, be original, be different, and stand out.

We both started by our strong belief and mothers teaching that doing and thinking good should always go hand-in-hand as we were excited for developing clothing and designs empowering kids to be unique and enjoy their inner talents.
Each of our designs is made personally by us with careful attention to detail as we design uniquely because we want Authentik Kidz Swag to be an elegant brand to all our fellow friends around the world.

We children are one of a kind and the way we style ourselves should be too.
Extraordinary designs, Outstanding service, and Superior quality make Authentik Kidz Swag exceptional
We didn’t start to follow others; we started off to recognize that every child is unique in their own way. Authentik Kidz Swag is a means to reflect different aspects of ourselves.

Our designs are elegantly made by us with a little help from professionals along with a few tricks up our sleeves. 
We i.e., A’lani & Jaiceon are so thrilled for what the future holds as we are set out to launch different designs by enhancing our creativity. 
So, welcome to Authentik Kidz Swag. Every kid’s fun colorful life starts HERE!